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D.I.E. Corporation

D.I.E. Corporation® is the parent company of all companies listed on this website. It acts an umbrella and is managing them by over-seeing day to day operations.



D.I.E. Corporation® is the parent company of everything listed on this website. It acts as a management company for all businesses and operations, overseeing the day-to-day operations and strategic planning for each of its subsidiaries. The company plays a vital role in ensuring that all of its businesses are running smoothly and efficiently, and it works closely with each of its subsidiaries to identify opportunities for growth and development. Whether it's managing the logistics of a transportation company, overseeing the production of a manufacturing plant, or providing financial services to clients, D.I.E. Corporation is dedicated to supporting the success of all of its businesses.




Why is it called D.I.E. Corporation?

D.I.E. Corporation's name holds special significance as it is derived from the first three letters of the names of the company's first three subsidiaries: Diamond Gates Services, Infinix IO, and EINIEX. These subsidiaries were the foundation upon which D.I.E. Corporation was built and continue to be integral parts of the company's operations. The company is proud to honor their history and success through its name.

Can I join D.I.E.?

D.I.E. Corporation is not a membership organization or group that individuals or companies can join. Rather, the company's subsidiaries are part of the organization due to partnerships or shared interests. D.I.E. Corporation acts as a parent company, overseeing the operations and management of its subsidiaries to ensure their success.

Are your statistics correct?

D.I.E. Corporation places a strong emphasis on accuracy in all financial data and numbers. This includes the dollars managed by the company and all other relevant information related to its subsidiaries. The company is committed to maintaining the highest level of precision in its financial reporting to ensure the integrity of the data. All updates and changes to this information are promptly communicated through the company's website.

Why did you create this website?

The purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive overview of D.I.E. Corporation and its subsidiaries. It serves as a platform for the dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information about the company and its businesses. This includes information about the products and services offered by each of the subsidiaries, as well as details about their operations and management. By providing transparency through this website, D.I.E. Corporation aims to assist those who may be interested in conducting further research about the company and its subsidiaries.

Issue with a company, how to get help?

Any issues related to the businesses under the umbrella of D.I.E. Corporation should be addressed directly with the relevant company or subsidiary. If a resolution is not achieved to the satisfaction of the individual or company, D.I.E. Corporation is available to assist in finding a solution. To do so, please contact us and provide details about the issue at hand. We will thoroughly investigate the matter and work towards providing the highest quality resolution possible.

How do I contact D.I.E.?

To contact D.I.E. Corporation, please send an email to info@diecorporation  for any inquiries, including support, legal questions, or media inquiries about our company. Please note that we reserve the right to decline any inquiries that may violate our security protocols.

D.I.E. Corporation Legal Section


Managing, Enforcing and Utilizing. ​

D.I.E. Corporation is proud to have its own in-house legal team, named D.I.E. Legal. This dedicated team of legal professionals is responsible for managing, enforcing, and utilizing all legal documents and sections of D.I.E. Corporation and its subsidiaries. They work tirelessly to ensure that all of our business operations are in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. They also provide guidance and support to our employees and management, helping to mitigate legal risks and protect our organization's interests. With D.I.E. Legal on our team, we can confidently navigate the legal landscape and make informed decisions that help to drive our business forward. This in-house legal team is an asset for D.I.E. Corporation and we are proud to have them as a part of our team.

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